Cookie company, which 바카라사이트provides cookie-based Internet advertising, said it was taking action in the wake of the revelations by Buzzfeed.

“We are aware of these concerns about online marketing practices, and will be contacting any company using these tactics,” said Jessica Burdick, a spokesperson for Google.

“These practices are extremely harmful and make it harder for consumers to understand why they’re paying for information that they would probably rather not have. The FTC investigates every complaint we receive, and will investigate any other allegations of online behavior and marketing behavior. In the case of these reports we took swift action, and have shared this information with law enforcement. We recognize that this information is disturbing and will be taking appropriate actions at the conclusion of this investigation.”

Marketers who engage in Internet marketing practices “should not expect to make their customers or colleagues money, and should not put their customers at risk by misleading them,” said FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez.

Cookie companies have been raising concerns about the privacy and security of their customers’ data since the dawn of the Internet. Many companies allow Internet users to opt in to be registered with cookie companies, wh바카라ich track users through information that is stored on a person’s computer or smartphone.

The Federal Trade Commission said today it’s investigating whether online marketers are misrepresenting their practices to consumers or using consumers’ personal data to cnatyasastra.comollect marketing information.