EUROA End Of Financial Year Store Cattle Sale

EUROA End Of Financial Year Store Cattle Sale
12:00 PM

EUROA End Of Financial Year
Store Cattle Sale
Wednesday 2nd June 2021
North East Store Sale Centre
Commencing 12 noon

AO McKinnon, ‘The Range’, Balmattum ELD
150 Angus M/S, 8-10 mths,
By Lawsons Sons of Bartel E7 & Prophet.
Tinten Pastoral Co., Tinten, Gooram ELD
150 Angus M/S, 8-10 mths. Pure Te Mania bld.
GA.Whole Drop
Strath Hill, Strathbogie NUT
110 Angus M/S, 7-8 months. Prime Angus bld.
Gunbar Developments, Beveridge NUT
100 Angus M/S, Merridale bld
Hog P/L, Strathbogie NUT
80 Angus M/S, 8-9 months, Newnham Angus bld
Gibson Park, Sheans Creek NUT
80 Char Angus X M/S, 10-11 months, Ashwood Park
Forlonge Park, Gooram NUT
60 Angus M/S Weaners Connamara & Camoola Bld.
Buchanan Pastoral, Kelvin View ROD
45 Angus Steers,9-10 Mths,Conamarra Bld. Weaned
20 Angus Heifers,9-10 Mths,Conamarra Bld.Weaned
Yandra, Gooram NUT
55 Angus M/S, 9-10 months, Merridale bld
Sleigh Pastoral Co., ‘Bayunga’, Ruffy ELD
50 Poll Hereford steers, 8-9 mths. Allandale & Mawarra bld.
Yard weaned. GA.
Bonavet, Strathbogie NUT
50 Angus M/S, 8-9 months, Kilcoolin & Margni Park bld
Casey farms, Wildwood NUT
50 Angus M/S, 10 months, Marni Park bld
Kalimna, Violet Town NUT
50 Angus M/S, Margni Park bld
A & J Gall, Balmattum ELD
50 Angus M/S, 8-10 mths. Newblax bld. Yard weaned
R Caplehorn, Broadford NUT
45 Angus M/S, 10-11 months, Laradel bld
G & J Penny, Strathbogie ROD
40 Angus M/S. 9-10 Mths,By Connamara Angus Bull Weaned
Tarawen, Gooram NUT
40 Angus M/S, Connamara bld
Gooram Estate, Gooram NUT
40 Angus M/S,Connamara bld
Clear Hills Partnership ROD
40 Angus Heifers 8-9 Mths.Kelly Angus &
Booroomooka Bld. Weaned, GA VB
G & L Johnson Springfi elds, Ruffy ROD
40 Angus M/S Weaners 8-9 Mths By Connamara Angus Bull
East Five Mile, Wildwood NUT
40 Angus M/S, 9-10 months, Margni Park bld
Kolonga, Bylands Creek NUT
35 Angus M/S, 9-10 months, Merridale bld
‘Bindarra Meadows’, Sunbury ELD
41 Angus M/S, 8-9 mths. Yard weaned
Riverwood Angus, NUT
32 Angus M/S, 7-8 months, Pathfi nder & Merridale bld
B. Tyquin, Bullengarook ELD
32 Angus M/S, 7-8 mths. Yard weaned.
Dunoon Past Barwite ROD
30 Angus Steers 8-9 Mths,Ardrossan & TeMania Bld. VB GA
Chase Farms, Strath Creek NUT
30 Angus M/S, 8-9 months, Merridale bld
R & I Halicki, Caveat NUT
30 Angus M/S, 8-9 months, Merridale bld
J & H Pearce, Kithbrook NUT
27 Angus steers, 8-9 months, Margni Park bld
D. McKinley, Marraweeny ELD
30 Angus M/S, 8-10 mths.
L & A Comerford Merrijig ROD
27 Poll Hereford Steers, 8-9 Mths Ironbark &
Morganvale Bld VB GA
Likatabro, Ruffy NUT
25 Angus M/S, 7-8 months, Merridale bld
Hope Vale, Sheans Creek NUT
25 Angus M/S, 7-9 months, Merridale bld
L Ryan “Kerami”, Pyalong NUT
25 Angus steers, 8 months, Ardrossan Bld.
Watson Park, Trentham NUT
25 Angus M/S, Te Mania bld
Lynbrook, Balmattum NUT
25 Angus M/S, 7-8 months, Kilcoolin bld
Burnview Angus, Moglonemby NUT
25 Angus steers, 9-10 months, Merridale bld
Vaucluse, Benalla NUT
20 Limo & Angus Limo X M/S, 7-8 months, Chateau bld
Styleway Stud, Seymour NUT
20 Angus M/S, 9-10 months, Banquet bld
Northwood Farms, Northwood NUT
17 Angus M/S, 10-11 months
Haley Park, Strathbogie NUT
15 Angus M/S, 9-10 months, Te Mania bld
R G & J A Cleeland, Mansfi eld ROD
20 Angus Steers 9-10 Mths Booroomooka &
Coolana Bld.Yard Weaned
B. Feldtman, Dookie ELD
20 Hereford M/S weaners
Josma Park, Euroa ROD
20 Angus Charolais X Wnrs, 9-10 Mths
Banquet & Clarinda Bld,
Kartigi Farm Merrijig ROD
26 Angus Steers 8 Mths Anvil Bld. Yard Weaned
16 Angus Heifers 8 Mths Anvil Bld.Yard Weaned
A & L Joseph Merton ROD
15 Angus & Angus X Steers 8-11 Mths
Witherwood Bld. VB GA
15 Angus & Angus X Heifers 8-11 Mths
Witherswood Bld. VB GA
‘Sretlaw Park’, Balmattum ELD
15 Angus steers, 10-12 mths. Pure Connamara bld.
Yard weaned
Pranjip Pastoral, Pranjip ELD
15 Angus Heifers, 8-10 months. Kilcoolin Bld.
Yard weaned
Moranding Park, Kilmore NUT
10 Angus heifers, 10-11 months,
By Moranding Park – Te Mania bulls
P Matters, Strathbogie NUT
10 M/S Charolais
Fredlim, Caniambo ELD
10 Angus M/S, 8-10 mths. Witherswood bld.
Yard weaned
P & D Bongiorno, ‘Wattle Park North’, Avenel ELD
10 Angus steers, 10 mths. By Alpine Angus Bull. V.B.
‘Jumbuck Park’, Violet Town ELD
3 Angus steers, 10-12 mths. Banquet bld. Yard weaned
Glenwyn, Red Poll NUT
3 Red Poll, 9 months
DW Howie & Sons Mansfi eld ROD
30 Angus Steers, 20-22 Mths.By Alpine & Anvil Bulls
Riverwood Angus, Goomalibee NUT
12 Angus steers, 14 months, Pathfi nder & Merridale bld
Leon Spence, Tallarook NUT
12 Angus, 16-18 months
L Doidge “12 Bulls”, Violet Town NUT
20 Angus, Margni Park bld
W & D Ellis, Strathbogie ROD
10 Angus & Angus Hfd X Steers, Newblax Angus Bld.
W & D Ellis, Strathbogie ROD
10 Angus & Angus Hfd X Heifers, Newblax Bld.
Leon Spence, Tallarook NUT
12 Angus, 16-18 months
Seven Creeks Estate Euroa ROD
60 Angus Heifers Rising 2 Y O, Witherwood Bld.
Joined to LBW Te Mania Bulls
To Commence Calving Mid July VB GA P.T.I.C.
E Lyons, Seymour NUT
32 Angus, Connamara bld, Dep to Margni Park Bull
1st Nov for 8 weeks P.T.I.C
P Lennox, Whittlesea NUT
12 H’ford, Dep to Glen Lyon S’horn Bull, due to
C.C 28/8/21, Rotherfi eld bld
Moranding Park, Kilmore NUT
5 Angus, 22-23 months,
By Moranding Park – Te Mania bulls
Glenfern, Terip Terip NUT
20 Angus M/A,Merridale bld,Dep To Connamara
P161 Bull 15/11/20 to C.C. mid Aug PTIC
M Stapleton, Wallan NUT
16 Angus Heifers Roseleigh Park Bld. Dep Angus Bull
Merridale Bld. 6 Dec For 7 Weeks P.T.I.C
Havelock Ag Services, Springfi eld NUT
16 Angus M/A, Dep on 20/11/20 onwards to the
Adamuluca & Premiers bulls, to C.C, P.T.I.C
8 Angus Char M/A, Dep to the Adamuluca & Premier
Bull to C.C, P.T.I.C
White Gate, Avenel NUT
15 Angus & Angus H’ford X M/A, with 2-6 wk old
Angus C.A.F
Forlonge Park, Gooram NUT
8X8 Angus Cows 4th & 5th CAF 6-10 Wks Connamara Bld.
Lennox, Whittlesea NUT
4×4 S’horn H’ford X, 4th calvers, Redep to S’horn bull
J & H Wall & Sons, Lynfi eld, Gowandgardie NUT
13 Angus heifers, 2yrs, Dep to Merridale Angus Bull 15/10/20 to C.C July for 6 weeks P.T.I.C
15 Angus Cows, 3-5 yrs, Dep to Merridale Angus Bull 15/10/20 to C.C July for 6 weeks P.T.I.C
20 Angus Cows, 6-7 yrs, Dep to Merridale Angus Bull 15/10/20 to C.C July for 6 weeks P.T.I.C

*CURFEW 3.30PM Tuesday*
COVID-19 social distancing rules apply
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