Euroa Store Cattle Sale

Euroa Store Cattle Sale
12:00 PM

Wednesday October 7th 2020
at North East Store Sale Centre
Commencing 12.00 noon

Tim Clarke Pty Ltd “Pranjip Park”, Wahring ROD
75 Angus M/S, 8-9 mths by Newnham Angus bulls.
Lock-A-Bar ELD
60 Angus Steers, 10-12 mths. Alpine Angus & Welcome
Swallow bld. Weaned
20 Angus Heifers, 10-12 mths. As above
Arcadia Farms, Seymour NUT
80 Angus & Angus Shorthorn X M/S, 5-7 months
Oxton, Euroa NUT
50 Angus M/S, 7-8 months, Merridale & Margni Park bld
Gibson Park, Sheans Creek NUT
40 Charolais X Angus M/S, 8-9 months, Ashwood Park bld
Green Acres, Broadford NUT
40 Angus M/S, 10-11 months, Temania bld
Godolphin Trading, Ruffy ELD
36 Poll Hereford M/S, 10 mths. Glentrevor bld. Yard weaned
Cloverly Pastoral NUT
35 Angus M/S. Tabletop & Temania bld
J & D Gall, Sheans Creek ELD
30 Angus M/S, 8-10 mths. Newblax bld
Gunbar Development, Mickleham NUT
30 Angus M/S, Merridale bld
Fernleigh Park, Kithbrook NUT
30 Limousin Shorthorn X M/S, 7-8 months, Lemartes bld
Brookville, Boho NUT
25 Angus steers, 8-9 months, Prime Angus bld
J & H Perry, Nagambie NUT
25 Angus B/B M/S, 10-11 months, Merridale bld
J & S Sikora, Creighton ELD
20 Angus M/S, 10-12 mths. Arbandar bld
Dropmore Past ROD
20 Angus and Angus X M/s, 12 mths by
Connamara Angus Bull. Weaned.
Verge Pastoral “May Park”, Gooram ROD
20 Angus Steers 12 mths by Dunoon Bulls. Yard Weaned
M Schembri ROD
20 Angus M/S, 10-12 mths.
Watson Park, NUT
20 Angus M/S, 9-10 months
20 M/S Angus cattle 12-13 months
20 Angus Heifers & calves – 3-10 weeks
Lynbrook, Balmattum NUT
15 Angus steers, 8-9 months, Kilcoolin bld
Kilcoolin Holdings NUT
15 Angus steers, 7-8 months, Merridale bld
Eaglewood Park, Terip NUT
15 Angus heifers, Merridale bld
Upson Downs, Broadford NUT
15 Angus M/S, By Highland Velvet bull
Kormli, Arcadia South NUT
12 Angus steers, 9-12 months
Sunhill NUT
6 Angus heifers, by Kilcoolin bulls
Hurnell NUT
6 Angus & Angus Char X heifers, 9-10 months,
By Moranding Park bull
L Zammit NUT
6 Angus steers
6 Hereford steers
Wood Park NUT
35 Angus steers, 12-14 mths
Springview, Violet Town ROD
25 Angus/Charolais X Steers 16-18 mths
R Hobbs, Kithbrook NUT
10 B/B steers, 16-17 months, Red Hill bld
Inverleigh NUT
5 Angus X steers, 14 months
G & M Burton, Euroa ELD
4 Angus steers, 16-18 mths. Newblax bld
M Lombardozzi NUT
15 Hereford heifers, 17-18 months NSM
Brookvale NUT
10 Angus heifers, 16-17 months. Pure Witherswood bld
Ready to join, very quiet, grow into outstanding breeders
Tim Clarke Pty Ltd, “Pranjip Park”, Wahring ROD
35 Angus Cows, 3rd & 4th calvers. Depast to
Newnham Angus Bull 21/05 for 10 weeks. PTIC.
Fredlim, Caniambo ELD
15×15 Cows & Calves, 2nd – 3rd calvers.
Calves Aug ’20 drop. Pure Witherswood bld. Not redep
5×5 Cows & Calves, 4th – 6th calvers.
Calves Aug ’20 drop. Pure Witherswood bld. Not redep
J & S Sikora, Creighton ELD
10 Angus Cows with 2nd & 3rd Angus calves
1-6 weeks. Arbandar bld
3 Speckled Park Cows with Angus calves
1-3 weeks. Arbandar bld
Campaspe Rocks Angus Stud, Axedale ELD
3 Reg. Angus Cows, 3 & 4 Yrs with Reg calves 3 weeks.
By A.I GAR Phoenix
3 Angus Heifers, 2 Yrs, NSM
2 Reg. Angus Heifers, 2 Yrs PT Empty
1 Reg. Angus Heifer, 2 Yrs. PTIC A.I.
Baldridge Beastmode to calve 18.04.21
*CURFEW 3.30PM Tuesday*
COVID-19 social distancing rules apply
Pre-auction viewing from 10am – 12pm – contact agent
Compulsory Registration
Further Entries Invited
Contact Selling Agents:

Elders Euroa: 5736 4300

Nutrien Euroa: 5795 2535

Rodwells Euroa; 5795 2240



52-56 Sutherland Street
3666, Australia