Lorelmo Poll Merino Ram Sale

Lorelmo Poll Merino Ram Sale
1:00 PM

80 Poll Merino Rams

On Property + Interfaced with Auctions Plus

Morning Tea & Lunch Provided

Inspections Welcome Prior to Sale

The past 12 months have delivered another season of above average rainfall across the eastern states, bringing with it challenges for all aspects of agriculture. This weather pressure highlights the importance of your fundamental breeding objectives and brings us back to the basics.

In 2022 at Topdale we had 1648mm of rain (66 inches) following 1685mm (67.4 inches) in 2021. Considering this high rainfall, we are pleased with how the sheep have held up. With a six and a half month shearing on our ewes we averaged 80mm of fleece and had no fleece rot across the board coming in with an average of $76 per head before shearing costs. Our lambing rate was 115% across the board which considering the wet period we had was very pleasing.

This sale team was shorn in the second week of September. We usually shear on the first week of August giving them 6 weeks less wool growth than the usual sale team. This group of rams have been out of the weather since December meaning they were exposed to 1568mm for the year.

Overall, we are happy with the presentation of this year’s team and believe that they will serve the needs of your breeding program whether it be wool, meat or lambing percentages. Thank you for your support and best of luck.


Ed Cordingley



"Topdale Woolshed" 340 Topdale Rd

, Australia