Lucrana 10th Annual Bull sale

Lucrana 10th Annual Bull sale
12:00 PM

Lucrana Simmental On Property Sale is on 12 PM, Friday July 2nd 2021. This year we have a very good offering of:

45 BULLS ON OFFER comprising

35 Traditional and Red Bulls
10 Black Simmental Bulls

This is our 10th year of on-property sales. This year’s 45-lot catalogue features 10 black Simmental (which have been offered by Lucrana since 2017), and for the first time 8 yearlings bulls and a line of 9 bulls from Victorian stud breeder Don Mathieson, Brenair Park stud.

Yearling Bulls:

As we all recover from the 2019/20 drought and breeders rebuild there breeding herds, currently there’s a lot of demand for heifer bulls. Wanting to maintain Sale numbers for our clients we have decided to offer a line of yearling bulls for the first time.

These younger bulls are well suited to heifers, as all of them are themselves out of first-calf heifers so they have the low birthweight genetics behind them.

We have clients from the Northern Rivers who buy one bull, and the yearlings are a good opportunity to get new genetics earlier. I’m anticipating that they wouldn’t be suitable for the blokes with big paddocks, but they’re perfect for the smaller producers –they still have the same high quality genetics, and the potential to do well in any herd, provided they looked after in their first year.



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