Tamworth End of Decade Special Store Cattle Sale

Tamworth End of Decade Special Store Cattle Sale
11:00 AM


End Of Decade Special Store Cattle Sale

Friday 11th December, 2020 commencing 11am


A/c Barry Smith Transport, ex “Cubbie
Station Dirranbandi (NL)

250 Charbray and Charolais infused Grey
Brahman mixed sex. Quality cattle in healthy,
fresh condition. Weaned, on the do and ready
to perform. On vendor’s Dungowan property
for last10 weeks

A/c Bluevale P/ship (GC)

80 Angus m/s weaners.
Fresh condition, one mark.

A/c South Wandobah (IML)

15 Angus x Santa steers.

30 Angus x Santa x Charolais heifers.
Good quality, going forward.


A/c Turner (GC)

30 Angus yearling steers.

20 Santa x Hereford yearling steers, good
quality, well bred.

A/c Hausfield (GC)

20 Santa and Brangus yearling steers.


A/c Swain (GC)

24 Charolais x Angus yearling heifers. Good
quality, not joined.

A/c Bruella Park (DC)

6 Angus heifers, 12 months, very quiet. Well
bred, unjoined, no bull. Ideal future breeders.


A/c Bregot Grazing (DC)

30 x 30 Angus and Angus x cows and calves,
3-6 yrs, excellent quality, fresh condition.

A/c R Prugger (DC)

13 x 13 Angus cows and calves, 2nd & 3rd
CAF rejoined Angus bull.

A/c Bruella (DC)

5 x 5 Speckle Park heifers and calves. 1st CAF.
PTIC to stud Speckle Park bull.

3 x 3 Speckle Park cows and calves, cows 5-6
yrs, 3rd CAF. To be PTIC to stud Speckle Park
bull. Very quiet, well bred, easy handling with
sappy calves at foot.

A/c Valley View (DC)

6 x 6 Angus cows and calves, cows 5-6 yrs
old, CAF by Angus bull, not re-joined.
Very quiet to handle.

A/c L Payne (PPA)

5 x 5 Santa, Angus and Hereford x cows,
2nd CAF. Top quality.


A/c F & A Fallowfield (PPA)

30 Santa heifers, PTIC to stud Santa bull to
calve May. Top quality.

A/c Bruella Park (DC)

3 Speckle Park cows, 5-6 yrs, Waratah blood,
PTIC to stud Speckle Park bull.

4 Speckle Park heifers, 2 years old,
PTIC to stud Speckle Park bull.

A/c Valley View (DC)

14 Angus cows, 5-6 yrs old, PTIC to Angus bull.

Further entries invited and expected

Vendors and genuine buyers are now able to attend the sale.
See our Facebook page for photos and/or videos
Contact your preferred agent to discuss options for selling, pre-sale inspection and bidding/buying.

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