Tamworth Special Store Cattle Sale

Tamworth Special Store Cattle Sale
11:00 AM

Special Store Cattle Sale

Friday 16th July – commencing 11am
As of Monday 28th June access to TRLX is restricted due to
Covid 19. Please contact TRLX or your preferred
agent for further information. 3000 cattle

A/c Brushyvale (CP)
60 Angus m/s weaners, 5-7 months.
A/c Bon Accord (CP)
60 Angus & Angus x m/s weaners, 6-8 months.

A/c Dunlop Past Co. Tamworth (IML)
30 Charolais x m/s weaners, 5-8 months, out of British cows by Charolais bulls, nice polled calves.

A/c M Hunter, Willow tree (IML)
24 Angus m/s weaners, good quality.
A/c M & A O’Donnell (IML)
24 Angus & Angus Santa x m/s weaners.


A/c Mobla (ELd)
95 Santa x Charolais x and Brangus x steers.
Ideal crossbred steers, started on the crop.

A/c Waddell (GC)
40 Angus steers.
36 Charolais x steers.
Yearling steers presenting in store condition.
Ideal crop cattle.

A/c Kia Ora Cattle Co (MCA)
50 Angus steers, excellent quality, weaned,
9-10 months.

A/c riverwood Farms, Quirindi (iML)
50 Angus steers, 10-12 months, perfect crop
cattle, well bred soft types.

A/c AC P & L Hawke, tamworth (iML)
35 Angus steer calves, 8-10 months, will
be yard weaned prior to sale, off cows
purchased ex Victoria last year by Scotts
Angus bulls.

A/c r Leith (nL)
35 Angus & Angus x steers. Weaned 9-14
months, quality store condition steers.

A/c r McGilchrist, Wallabadah (iML)
30 Angus steer calves, 7-8 months, top
quality, good square cattle, renowned doers.

A/c delungra P/s (nL)
20 Angus steers, 7-9 months, very well bred.


A/c Forrest (GC)
66 Angus weaner heifers, 8-9 months, yard
weaned. Talooby and Farrer blood.

A/c EMi Pastoral Co (nL)
38 Angus heifers, 7-9 months, top quality
weaned on to crop.

A/c inlet road P/s (nL)
12 Santa heifers, 14-15 months, NSM, quality
future breeders or crop.


A/c Clifton, Boggabri (nL)
28 x 28 Crossbred cows & calves.
A/c d & J Keating, niangala (dC)
20 x 20 Angus cows & calves, mixed ages,
fresh forward condition. CAF by XL Beef
Angus bulls. Quiet, excellent quality.


A/c Lyndhurst, EU (nL)
40 Santa & Santa x heifers.
20 Santa/Angus x heifers.
30 Angus heifers.
Above top quality future breeders are
20-24 months, PTIC to LBW
Angus to calve Sept/Oct.

A/c Mace Properties (GC)
5 Cows, mixed ages, PTIC to Santa and
Charolais bulls.

A/c d & J Keating, niangala (dC)
40 Angus and Angus x cows. Mixed ages.
To be PTIC Limousin & Angus bulls. Large
frame, quiet cows.

A/c Clifton, Boggabri (nL)
18 crossbred cows PTIC.
8 crossbred cows.
suitable large frame crop cattle. Mixed ages.

A/c i Perry (iML)
(dispersal – Property sold)
12 Shorthorn cows, mixed ages PTIC
Shorthorn bulls.

Upcoming sale dates:
Friday 30th July
Friday 13th August

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