Yarram Park Composite Ram Sale

Yarram Park Composite Ram Sale
12:00 AM

Yarram Park will offer 300 well grown Maternal and Southie Terminal rams for sale at Hamilton Showgrounds on Tuesday the 12th of October this year.
This will be our 9th annual sale, having sold under a private system for many years previously. The stud is run under strictly commercial conditions with no supplementary feeding or shedding.
We aim to produce very sound well-structured rams with excellent constitution and doing ability. High fertility of both ewes and rams is of paramount importance, and we select heavily in regard to these traits.
All sheep are fully lamb plan recorded, with all data presented in the sale catalogue that will be available a few weeks prior to our sale.
Running the stud under our intensive commercial conditions without any supplementation gives us an accurate reflection of each individual’s doing ability and fertility, and what you see is what you will truly get.
All sale rams are run and managed from weaning to sale day in large contemporary groups of over 250 head, to challenge constitution, structure and performance



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