Monto Fat & Store Sale Report
Wednesday, 14th April 2021 at 9am

Quality lines of cattle at Monto Cattle & Country’s fortnightly Fat & Store sale saw buyers compete very strongly. Processing cattle were in limited supply with heavy bulls selling well, topping at 354c/kg or $3152.

Brangus trade steers averaging 533kg sold for $1935 or 362c/kg. Simmental cross heifers weighing 467kg sold for 394c/kg or $1842. 612kg Santa cows sold for $1745 or 285c/kg. Brahman cows at 560kg sold for 284c/kg or $1590. Charolais store cows weighing 526kg sold for 283c/kg or $1490.

Simmental cross steers at 412kg sold for 438c/kg or $1810 and 483kg steers for $2080 or 430c/kg. Droughtmaster steers weighing 350kg from Mulgildie sold for $1586 or 452c/kg. 360kg Droughtmaster steers from Moonford sold for 451c/kg or $1630. 350kg Santa steers on account of S & P Leahy sold for 476c/kg or $1670. Dawami Partnership sold Charbray, Droughtmaster and Brangus No. 0 steers from 458 to 476c/kg topping at $1620.

PR Birchley’s No. 0 Charbray steers weighed 317kg to return 480c/kg or $1520. BK O’Connell sold Brahman cross No. 0 steers weighing 280kg for 528c/kg or $1475. 250kg Droughtmaster cross weaner steers for 558c/kg or $1392. Charbray weaner steers on account of P & R Nielsen sold for 584c/kg or $1145. Bluffview Pastoral’s 124kg Angus steers sold for 598c/kg or $740.

404kg Simmental cross No. 0 heifers sold for $1636 or 405c/kg. 337kg Droughtmaster heifers sold for 429c/kg to average $1445. Dawami Partnership’s Charbray and Brangus No.0 heifers sold for 399 to 439c/kg topping at $1520. 310kg Santa No. 0 heifers sold for 443c/kg or $1375. 225kg Braford No. 0 heifers sold for 472c/kg or $1060. Charolais 244kg weaner heifers sold for $1220 or 501c/kg. 190kg Charbray heifers sold for 516c/kg or $980.

Aged Droughtmaster cows and calves sold for $1910 while younger Santa cross cows and calves sold for $2320.

Monto Cattle & Country will hold their 6th Annual Charbray & Charbray Infused Prime & Store Show & Sale on Wednesday, 28th April with a Fat & Store sale held following the show sale section.

  • Breed Type : Cattle
  • Age : 0 Year 0 Month