Monto Fat & Store Sale
Wednesday, 3rd March 2021
Market report here: https://montocattleandcountry.com.au/monto-fat-store-sale-market-report-3rd-march-2021/

Dry conditions prevailed for cattle producers over the North Burnett for Monto Cattle & Country’s fortnightly Fat & Store sale with 1150 head yarded. Prime and feeder cattle prices eased slightly while younger cattle sold to very strong rates.

Heavy bulls sold from 274 to 295c/kg. Mickeys sold from 303 to 366c/kg. Droughtmaster X trade steers sold to 380c/kg or $1960. Heavy Charbray bullocks averaging 620kg sold to 343c/kg or $2130. Santa X No. 9 heifers weighing 480kg sold to 334c/kg or $1610. Brangus X 400kg trade heifers sold to 380c/kg or $1517.

Santa X cows weighing 555kg sold for 292c/kg or $1620. 527kg Brangus cows sold from 274c/kg or $1446. Droughtmaster cross cows sold from 279 to 288c/kg or $1758. 470kg Brangus store cows sold for 275c/kg to make $1300.

Santa No. 9 steers averaging 529kg to top at 415c/kg or $2188. Charbray No. 9 steers averaging 380kg sold to 431c/kg or $1635. Droughtmaster Brahman X No. 9 steers averaging 436kg sold for $1756 or 403c/kg. Charbray No. 9 steers weighing 417kg sold for 428c/kg or $1790, and 350kg steers realized 435c/kg or $1515.

Brahman No. 0 steers weighing 355kg sold for $1490 at 420c/kg. Droughtmaster weaner steers sold for 530c/kg or $1220. Santa weaner steers returned $1205 or 508c/kg. 217kg Santa X weaner steers sold for $1100 or 506c/kg. 208kg Charbray weaner steers sold for 516c/kg or $1075. 260kg Charbray weaner steers sold to $1300 or 498c/kg. Droughtmaster weaner steers averaging 211kg sold for 534c/kg or $1128.

440kg Droughtmaster X No. 9 heifers sold for $1712 or 390c/kg. A run of Droughtmaster No. 0 heifers between 258 to 318kg sold for 405-420c/kg topping at $1290. 272kg Charbray heifers sold for 437c/kg or $1192. 274kg Charbray weaner heifers sold for 456c/kg or $1250. Santa X weaner heifers sold for 457c/kg or $1040. Santa weaner heifers realized 467c/kg or $950.

Monto’s next Fat & Store sale will be on Wednesday, 17th March starting at 9am.

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