POA (Price on Application)

Sire: Willandra GP
Dam: RP13-400 x Eclipse x RP09-14
Fleece tests: 24 Months
Micron: 17.1
SD: 2.3
CV: 13.5

CF: 99.9%
Body weight: 115KG (14 Months) 131KG (24 Months)
Fat– 7mm
EMD– 38mm



Turn up the maternal “horse power” in your flock- RP17-1133 was a natural born lamb and was the “freak” of the drop in 2017. He stood head and shoulders above his siblings, showing exceptional early growth with a weaning weight of 53Kg and producing a 6.8 kg fleece at 9 months old. RP17-1133 is a very long bodied sire with a beautiful long, stylish medium wool that is very nourished and ready to take a stud to the next level. He is very structurally sound. He was judged the Champion Medium wool August shorn Poll ram at Sydney Royal this year. He is a ram that is very well suited to the cropping zone and can also handle a fair bit of rain. He is a double copy PP poll gene carrier. YWT, MP+ and DP+ index are in the top 5% of the breed.

  • Breed Type : Sheep
  • Sheep Breeds : Poll Merino
  • Age : 0 Year 0 Month