POA (Price on Application)

There is semen available from our leading sires all year-round. We realise that an AI program is an expensive exercise and the semen that you purchase is a considerable part of that cost. However over many years

Nerstane believes it has taken many safeguards in providing quality Sires that are going to give you more “bang for your buck” which is what everyone is after.

The semen from Nerstane sires is priced on performance. All Nerstane rams that have been proven in Central Test Sire Evaluation or have won a broad ribbon at a major show will impose a premium.

Discounts are available for large quantities and for older sires not listed.

Please call us if you would like to inspect any of these sires in their working clothes.

  • Breed Type : Sheep
  • Sheep Breeds : Merino
  • Age : 0 Year 0 Month