Thai pm survives no confidence vote

Bin Ooi Suvapong’s campaign team said on Monday that the final results of the poll had “no confidence” in the poll results of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s party.

He accused the government of running the poll under secret plans to “hijack” Yingluck’s success by rigging the vote.

In an angry letter to the prime minister, Bin Ooi said that PM Shinawatra’s victory would be undermined if her party was placed in a position of power, but did not name any party.

He said that the PM had “failed to do the duties of prime minister”, adding that this failure was due to the fact that Bin Ooi had not performed his duties in the current legislative session.

The PM’s spokesman Somyot Prawit Wongsuwon did not respond to questions about the letter on Tuesday.

‘Punish PM Yingluck’

The PM’s party was forced to seek the support of a broad c카지노 로얄 자막ross-section of political forces after Bin Ooi’s defeat in the parliamentary election in late April, with opposition parties demanding her dismissal.

Yingluck was given a year-long state of emergency after protests led by her supporters, who had formed a political bloc with the US-backed military, topp엠카지노led her government in May 2015.

But this did not prevent her party from continuing to win seats.

However, it is likely that many voters were disillusioned by PM Yingluck’s government’s economic policies, and she was forced to seek to govern on a party ticket with the new pro-business Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) against its more centrist image, which has not been widely accepted by the electorate.

In his letter, Bin Ooi accused the PM’s government of trying to rig the vote, adding: “Your party was given power by the people on election day.

“Do you have the guts to ask the people of Thailand and you country to go to the polls on the orders of a bunch of corrupt politicians?”

This week Yingluck herself made her first appearance in parliament since the vote by not ruling out a cabinet reshuffle.

She said that her government had not been informed that the election results were being rigged and would 엠 카지노 도메인continue to be in power through 2017, which is the deadline set by the country’s constitution for winning a post-coup general election.

She also promised that her government would not change the laws that were passed afte